Messages of Hope 2017

Thursday 26 – Friday 27 October 2017

Messages of Hope sheet - V2Throughout the Bible there is a concept of God using messengers to communicate with his own people and others. Whilst he speaks directly to key individuals, those individuals are regularly used to convey the message to a larger audience, like Moses and Jonah. As the New Testament unfolds, John the Baptist’s message of repentance prepares the way for Jesus. Progressing through the New Testament, we encounter a variety of messengers, people like Paul, Timothy and Titus, who take messages between churches. In Acts 15, the church in Antioch selects some messengers to go to Jerusalem to explore the key question of gentile conversion. By the end of the council, the church in Jerusalem selects Judas and Silas as messengers who travel to other churches, telling them what has been agreed.

This year at our Assembly, October 26-27, we are asking churches to think of the people they send as messengers rather than delegates! People whose primary role will be to share an encouragement, challenge, story or opportunity that flows from the ministry of your local church. Messengers who can also return to your church with news, challenge and opportunities that have been discovered during our time together.