Rich came to faith as a student through a missional community in Sheffield becoming a member, and later a staff member, of St Thomas’ Church Sheffield. From the Sheffield base, and drawing on years of experience in a local context, he pioneered the work of 3dm across Europe and Australasia, a ministry to equip Christian leaders and churches to engage with discipleship and mission. The work has grown and now multiplied so there are numerous contextualised, indigenously-led expressions of the work in various regions. Rich continues to coach, train and equips leaders, churches and organisations around discipleship culture, leadership development and missional lifestyle.
Rich, his wife Anna and their 3 children (Josiah, Esther, Samuel) moved to Edinburgh in 2015 to be part of the work of Cairn ( in the Celtic Lands.
His current role with Cairn is as Director of Renovate which seeks to equip, invest and train Celtic Church Leaders & Churches to further God’s kingdom through mission and discipleship. The vision is to empower and equip the church to put discipleship & mission back at the heart of its culture and practice. Rich currently lives in Portobello and is part of a local missional community of Central Church in his neighbourhood.